Getting Food From The Source

When you get your food from the local source, you’re getting naturally grown food that is much healthier for you and it tastes so much better.

You’re also supporting local farmers who are struggling right now due to government regulation and rising feed prices. You’re also learning about the local food supply chain. You will meet people that you can network with, this is important later on if there are big problems.

I know most of you guys are well off and are thinking, I’m not worried about saving a few pennies growing my own vegetables. That’s a valid point, to which I would respond, this is not about penny pinching. This is about learning valuable skills that most people don’t know. It’s about changing your mindset on where your food comes from. We’ve been fed a big ole pile of bull shit to be honest that you just go to the store and pick up a steak wrapped in plastic. You need to learn the back end on how every thing works, so that you can be prepared for anything.


  • GROW YOUR OWN FOOD GUIDE - Learn how to get a basic outdoor garden set up and producing.
  • Indoor Growing Guide - Learn how to grow plants and vegetables indoors with window sill gardening and hydroponic style setups

  • Build Your Own Fences - Learn how to build strong livestock style fending from start to finish.

  • Beekeeping/Honey Production - Deep dive into the honey producing process. More detailed apiary information will come in the form of an ebook in the near future.

  • Dairy Goats - Everything you need to know about raising goats including dairy goats.

  • Chickens - Everything you need to know about raising chickens for meat production or egg production.

  • Sourcing Local Food and Supplies - Will do many deep dives into how you can find local sources for every day food items like eggs, milk, meat, and veggies straight from the farm.

  • Every day homestead problems and solutions will be covered and much more.

This is a wealth of knowledge that everyone should at least try. When you start growing your own fruits and vegetable, you learn a skill that most do not know. But this is just the beginning.

We’ll also go over how to source local suppliers of beef, pork, eggs, milk, and more. I’ll walk you through how to get your local supplies from local farmers on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Once you have raw milk and fresh eggs, you’ll never go back. I’m supplying you with real raw wildflower honey already and hand made natural goat milk soap from the Farmer's Market.

You’ve pretty much covered most of your basic grocery needs. Now all you have to do is stock up on rice and any other non perishable food items you can't source locally. You’re only grocery store items will be fruit and any junk food you choose to buy. See how this works?

I’m also going to cover lots of common homesteading topics. We’ll cover everything you need to know to build a high quality fence that will hold just about any type of animal.

This way, you can get a small herd of goats, or maybe some cows and a pig. Building your own fences is a huge skill because you know they will be done right!

The point is, we are going to have fun learning how to take ownership of our food supply. These are short 5-8 paragraph articles emailed to you every week. You won’t be overwhelmed with the information, step by step we’ll walk through setting up a complete homestead. Hopefully by the time 2022 is drawing to a close, some of you will have your own source of eggs, milk, veggies, and maybe even be on your way to starting an apiary. I have no doubt you will be more self reliant, which is my vision for all of us in 2022.



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