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Farmer’s Premium Fall Season Raw Honey (Pint Glass Jar - 1LB)

Farmer’s Premium Fall Season Raw Honey (Pint Glass Jar - 1LB)

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Fresh Fall Season Honey Harvested Nov 4, 2022.

Limited Quantity!

This is a small batch of the very last of Farmer’s 2022 Honey Harvest that we would usually keep for our personal stash for the long winter.

We decided to share some of this sweet goodness with you!

Fall season honey is darker and richer due to the nectar from wild goldenrod and aster.

We barely strained this batch for the certified health nuts out there.  This honey was not heated at all, straight from the hive into a brand new pint sized Ball glass jar!

Deliciously sweet, dark, rich honey.  

Perfect for coffee, oatmeal, smoothies, marinades, and anything else you would like to add sweetness to.

Packed with nutrients and minerals, you can’t get honey any fresher than this.

WARNING: This honey may contain particles from the hive extraction process due to the minimal straining in an effort to offer all the benefits of pure honey.

Store in an area above 73 degrees F to prevent crystallization (if desired).

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