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Lavender Rosemary

Lavender Rosemary

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All Natural Lavender Rosemary Soap Bar (4.5 oz)

This hand crafted, all-natural soap bar is perfect for both men and women for everyday showering or bathing.  Offering superior suds while leaving your skin and hair soft and revitalized.

This soap bar is designed to nurture your skin with refreshing scents of Lavender and Rosemary essential oils.  

Light exfoliating properties from horsetail and alkanet root powder.

Here are just a few of the many benefits to using all-natural handmade soap:

  • No nasty perfumes – just natural, essential oils. You may have noticed that many conventional soap brands have the word ‘perfume’ or 'fragrance' on their ingredient list.  You won't find that here!
  • Natural soap moisturizes your skin with Fresh Goat Milk.
  • The natural oils & fats are better for the planet. 
  • Zero preservatives
  • Supporting small farm business 


Filtered H20, Fresh Farmer's Honey, Coconut Oil, Sustainable Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Shae Butter, Alkanet Root Powder, Horsetail Powder, Castor Oil, Essential oils of Lavender and Rosemary

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