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Over the past few decades, large corporations have bought out most of their competition.  The result is a few large corporations in charge of producing almost all of the food and household supplies you see at the grocery store.

In order to cut costs, large corporations have etched out every shortcut imaginable.

The result is low quality crappy tasting food, and highly toxic household/personal supplies.

Instead of growing fruits and vegetables the proper way, they are now being grown with cheaper, more potent synthetic chemicals for fertilizer and pesticides to produce more with less cost.

To make food easier to grow, scientists have come up with lab engineered crops that are resistant to synthetic herbicides.  This allows them to spray crops with powerful weed killers, without damaging the crop.

Cattle are injected with growth hormone and antibiotics so they can grow even faster.  (this is deemed safe by the USDA, don't worry)

Chickens are being raised in record time in order to maximize profits.  They are slaughtered at the factories and dipped into bleach solution to minimize salmonella while maximizing production.  At what cost to you the consumer?

While many of these advancements are revolutionary and play a major role in feeding the growing population.  We're starting to see the negative affects of these growing methods in our health.

I swear, sometimes it seems like our food chain has turned into a sci-fi movie nightmare.  Wait until you find out about "lab grown meat" (it's coming!)


Not only are potent chemicals being dumped on our food, many third world countries (and even in the US) that are responsible for growing many of the common vegetables we eat are using raw sewage from large cities to fertilize and irrigate the crops. (source)

Switch over to your daily household items and it's the same story.  Regular soap bars are manufactured in large quantities with harsh chemicals that have an affect on our health.

Toothpaste has synthetic fluoride which is known to cause many issues with the human body.

Hell, even our local government is dumping large quantities of synthetic fluoride into our drinking water every day!

They do this because of "research" showing fluoride is good for teeth, which is true, but not synthetic fluoride!

And what about our rights as humans to choose what supplements we want to take?

The bottom line is our every day necessities are riddled with foreign synthetic chemicals.  This wont change any time soon.

There are "organic" options but even then, we really can't be sure just how "organic" the product is because of the bureaucratic structure of the FDA and USDA.

It seems like everything is corrupt now, we don't know who to trust.

Unfortunately, we'll never be able to fully rid our bodies from the constant barrage of synthetic chemicals because they are almost ubiquitous.

The only thing we can do is minimize.

The good news is that people are waking up.  If you look, you can find smaller niche sources for many of your daily necessities.  Sources that you can trust.

You'd be surprised to know that there are probably several small local farmers in your area that are working hard to produce food the right way.

I do this by trying to grow, raise, and make as much of my own items as possible.

What I can't make, I try to buy locally.  Straight from the source is the best place to get your stuff.  I go into more detail in this article right here

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