The Future of Farming

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What does it mean to be a sovereign individual?

An individual is the exclusive controller of one's own body and life. The new digital age will result in individuals becoming self-reliant or increasingly dependent on agencies and large corporations. Here we choose the former.

How does one become self sufficient in today’s world?

Being self sufficient is not only a lifestyle, its a mindset. While it's impossible to be completely self sufficient, we can still be mindful of where we obtain goods, generate income, and educate our kids. This frees us from many of the burdens of outside influences that go against our beliefs and values.

What is the importance of building local communities?

Self sufficiency isn't just a privilege for landowners. Anyone can become self sufficient by supporting local farms, artisans, and businesses in the community. By building relationships within your community, we become self sufficient, and less worried when there are shortages, or strict mandates are enforced.

How do I take care of Mother Earth and her animals?

We believe animals have a purpose for us as a food source, as friends, and as helpers. It is our job to take care of them and give them a good life. We use as little chemicals as possible on our products and food, and try to live as natural as possible.

Our Mission

Educate individuals to become independent financially through cryptocurrency, physically through sustainable farming and homesteading, and mentally through building communities both locally and online.


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