Farmer's Approved Products

  • High Mowing Organic Seeds

    Large selction of organic, non gmo seed variety.

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  • Garden Tools and More

    Large selection of seeds along with many garden tools and info.

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  • Tree and Plant Nursery

    Wide selction of fruit trees and shrubs, flowers, and more.

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  • Click and Grow

    Click and Grow offers self-sustainable indoor gardens, farms, and a variety of 70+ different plant pods to choose from. All gardens come with a perfectly calibrated automated watering, light and nutrient system.

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  • Urban Leaf

    Farm Fresh Greens, Straight from your windowsill. Add more healthy and delicious flavors to your routine with this versatile duo that were literally made for each other.

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  • Garden Tower Project

    The rotating Garden Tower® 2 is a composter that grows 50 plants in 4 square feet nearly anywhere.

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